The Girls​​​​ of Solo Standards

Solo's Pony Express From Chapins "Millie"​​

Millie is from
 a true "Royal size" line of poodles. 
She has a large, strong build yet remains quit athletic. She has that stronger head/nose I like to stamp my poodles snippy, skinny noses here.  She has beautiful clear eyes that do not shy away from life...she looks right at you...sometimes right through you.  She is a soulful dog with great nerve!

Millie comes from a wonderful pedigree, her sire weighed 90 lbs.  Her sire is a line of dogs that I REALLY wanted.  It has little to do with color and everything to 
do with
my love of the very true Royal size, gallant attitude, gentle nature, intelligence and long healthy lives of this line.  Grandparent dogs play a huge roll in the puppies produced in any given is huge as a breeder to know your lines!   

Millie is a social dog who is good where ever she goes.  Overall easy going with that true & steadfast temperament I look for in my dogs.  You can find her at my side most of the time...she is very loyal to me, she loves people and is a NATURAL with children.  She is also a good watch dog here on the ranch.  I love & appreciate her companionship so much.   Millie is one of my foundation dogs as I move forth with her daughters and granddaughters.

Millie is 26 inches tall and a thick 76 lbs
Cerf  Clear
vWD  Clear
​OFA  Fair

Drover & Millie On Our Daily Walk

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Cleo / "Cocoa"
Solo's My Daddy's A Drover

Cleo is out of my most loved Millie & Drover. 
I simply love this dog!  The real plus for I breed for a very specific type of that she is large, yet VERY graceful.  You will not beat her temperament...simply notch in body, mind & spirit! 

Cleo was a confident pup that caught my attention early on within the litter.  She is a happy soul with a biddable attitude. She is also a gentle dog with my grandchildren...a trait she gets from her sire, Drover.    
Cleo is a favorite of 
my grandkids and of my husband too.  To breed more like her is a huge goal for me!!
Cleo has faded some now... picture right below with Ty shows her current color summer 2018.  She has blonde highlights!  Browns & Reds is a genetic allele in poodles that causes this.  No breeder should deny this.  Some fade a little and some fade a lot.

Cocoa is a honest 28 inches tall at the shoulders 
Weight: 74 lbs
OFA Hips Excellent
vWD Clear by VetGen
NEWS Clear by VetGen
DM Clear by VetGen

Cleo June 2019
Long legs, lean build, strong bone, large female...taller than most males, elegant mover. 
She is as kind as her soulful eyes look.  We love her!

Pictures are from most current to puppyhood.
I am always updating my pictures to show my dogs currently and to show our life on the ranch.  I urge you to look for breeders who can show you their dogs versus one or 2 pictures taken at 1 yr old.  One reason I DO NOT ship my puppies is because I prefer my puppy customers to meet the parent dogs.  Support breeders who are proud to show you their dogs.  For me it is not about ribbons but more about having VERY specific breeding goals of my own, knowing my pedigrees WELL, remaining humble yet taking pride in how I do things. Our home is simple, cozy & clean, our outdoor surroundings are vast, wide open spaces and we love it...and so do my dogs.
Below is mother/daughter Millie & Cleo on one of our daily morning walk/runs!

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Solo's Martini Time Esther

we kept Esther from our fall 2017 litter of Millie & Ty. We sure are enjoying this fun-loving and super affectionate dog!  She is a hopeful here at Solo Standards and she is showing great promise.

  We LOVE her affectionate, calm, attitude, this dog aims to please and listens so well.  She is showing plenty of size, looks like her parents in conformation with a nice strong build...actually, she is a great example of both Millie & Ty.  Essie sure has the strong head/thicker nose and that is the look I strive for in my pups.
She is staying a "true inky black" which is one of my personal favorite colors for poodles!

Essie really made a great impression on all the folks who came out this summer to pick puppies up...everyone commented what a beauty she was and how well behaved she is.  She only gets better all the time

 26 inches tall and 70 lbs 
Full DNA panel by Embark,  clear on all their DNA test markers.
vWD Clear
DM Clear
NEWS Clear 
PRA Clear

​Hips OFA  Good

me with my 9 wk Old armful of Hope and joy!

What a strong, noble looking 

This was a huge litter of 13 pups!!!  I did supplement even though Millie was doing a stellar job...these were big pups and they took to the bottle wonderfully.  My granddaughter Hattie, of course, loved it and keeps asking for more puppies to feed!!
​Solo's Summertime

​​(From our Ty/Cleo Litter summer 2018)
I called Summer my old soul when she was growing up with the litter...she spoke to me early on.
Summer has really good solid bone structure, she has long legs, a pretty head!  I just have to add...what a pretty mover and athletic young dog this one is!  You will hear some people say the really big poodles are not at athletic...well let me tell you that depends on the individual dog as Summer will prove them wrong. 
This dog is smart too...easiest dog I ever house broke as she remembers her once so she understands and then don't bore her with old stuff as she's got it!  
Her dark brown color with those clear soulful eyes like her mother (Cleo) are just added bonuses.  
Man...sounds like I am bragging, but Ty & Cleo, you gave me a good one for sure....and oh may I mention that Drover & Millie are her Grandparents...3rd generation Solo Poodle.

10 months Old

Esther & Summer June 2019...both out of our Sire, Ty