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Puppy Availability
Millie & Ty pups are here!
Born April 19, 2019

Price: $2000 for pet Price,
full reg is more, must be agreed on before purchasing a puppy...not after! I prefer pet homes.

As of now all puppies are spoken for.  We May have 1 female available...but I will wait until we pick puppies at 7 weeks old to see, as I have 2 return customers who want to see who is available at that point...they each prefer a different color, so we will see how it plays out.

I will post pictures at 1 wk, 3wks, 5wks, 7wks and of pups going home with their families at 8-9 wks old.

Please Note....we do not pick puppies until 7wks old.  I go into every litter committed to letting the pups grow/develop before we choose puppy to family.  
I hope those with deposits on pups will enjoy the process.

Ty & Millie litter 
 April 19, 2019

The Candy Litter​​​​​​

Pictures below at 7 week old

All Puppies in this litter are spoken for

Well, our Millie/Ty pups are 7 wks old...I am simply not kidding when I say the time has flown with this litter...we have been through sunny days, lots of rainstorms, days with my grandkids,  just enjoying my sweet Millie pups to the max!   They continue to grow and thrive well...gaining from 2-3 lbs a week at this stage!  This litter is very uniform, what I mean is consistent in the type of pups that Millie & Ty give me and I am known for...again...great top lines & tail sets, good bite, good coats, substantial bone/build,  loving people orientated temperaments.  I feel all of them will make great pets.  So instead of repeating myself next to each puppy picture, please know I am saying this about all of them.  I do have some slight variance in activity level...but I do not breed for a nervous or high drive dog so feel confident in them being the best of family companions.  Remember Standard Poodles have great intelligence and with that comes the fact that they love to learn, love to play, engage in life and love to settle in the house with you, they want to be where you are...thus do not make good dogs to be alone, bored or lonely...I do feel I screen my customers well but always need to add this to be totally upfront in getting a puppy from me....have time for the puppy and they will be YOUR BEST FRIEND!  All will be playful and fun...a few are indeed a bit more laid back from the get-go.  I am very pleased with this litter and will help each family with picking...they start to leave for homes next week and I believe we have all the dates for that lined up....Thanks to my puppy customers for working with me on pick-up dates...it takes a bit to have everyone come out from near and far...mostly far!  I like to be able to take my time with meeting the parents and all my dogs and answering questions, ect.  I look forward to meeting you all and 3 are return customers!!!  So hoping to see some of my adult dogs too!​​
Enough from me...until we meet next week everyone,

Whopper ​
​12.10 lbs at 7 wks
Grey Collar,  Brown Male
As of now, he is the largest male, very people orientated, loves attention!   
Can say nothing more then this will be a large, handsome dude, he is very, very affectionate, has tons of personality and is that nice middle of the pack type pup.  Oh yea...just look at that mug...handsome!

Oh Henry
 Red collar,  Brown Male
​11.5 at 7 wks
Lovable  pup...man he is built just like Ty and I believe will be a clone of his sire!   Even though he is not the biggest one now...he has that strong build and great head.  I am going to add that this pup is growing great...he is so correct in stature/build and is a calm pup.  He should not be overlooked as he is handsome & true ...will be a dedicated family member!

11.6 at 7 wks
Blue collar,  Black Male
Handsome, sure to get big & strong, great head!  He is a nice middle of the pack pup at this time, on the calm side and very lovable!

​10.15 lbs at 7 wks
Purple Collar,  Black Female
What an inky black beauty, she talks to me, she has some attitude, she is already smart!   First to do everything pup is right here!   Of course, I adore her!  This girl is whippity....not hyper or bad...but she may try to outsmart you as she is both agile and a thinker...again I LOVE her and she already knows that too!  
She is for sure has a sweet side, plus will be a fun, fun dog...would love her to go to a home with someone who wants to teach her things, loves hiking or running or desires this intelligent nature and has time for her. 
Just my thoughts on placing her...she is the last one left....and how ironic as she is my true pick of the litter but I did not plan on keeping a puppy this time and will now play this out and see who wants some Skittles in their life!

Going to return customers Nancy & Mark

My best helper, Hattie, helping me socialize & evaluate the last pup available...Skittles is a gem!
Skittles is spoken for!

Cotton Candy   
​10.10 lbs at 7 wks
Black & White Collar,  Cream Female
Beautiful, charming, full of herself yet sweet....this pup may be my breeders pick but I will not be keeping her here with us.  I  have some friends who will be getting her as they start their breeding program.   It is a way to keep my lines going as a small breeder.  I have options of pups back and of keeping track of my lines in doing it this way...they are dog & horse savvy people and she will live in their home as a family member.   I am letting them pick from what I consider 2 or 3 of my picks from this litter and this is the one they are looking at.   I must be smart as a breeder at this point in my breeding career...this just works.  I am not looking for any other deals like this...only pet homes. ******Going home with my friends Debbie & Lisa!

Going home with Debbie & Lisa 

​10.4 lbs at 7 wks
Peach & White Collar,  Cream Female
​What a pretty girl and as sweet as she looks with a loving eye.  Great conformation, coming along nicely and is so loving, has a tad bit of sass/comical nature too as she has learned to hold her own in this litter of 10!    She will be a great family pet!

Going home with Yana & family...return customer!

Baby Ruth 
​12.5 lbs at 7 wks
Green & White Collar,  Big...Cream Female
Biggest pup in the litter at birth and one of the biggest female pups.  Whopper is bigger than her now.  Ruthie has tons of charm, so much love to give and is pretty darn laid back yet has that confidence I love!  Every time I turn around....there she is just wanting to be loved & held.  She reminds me greatly of her mother only a light coat!  Same head as Millie!

Going home with Jon & Joelle​​

​12.3 lbs at 7 wks
Yellow Collar,  Black Female
Well....this pup is a clone of our very own Esther from Millie's 2017 litter (who I adore!)   She could not be any more like her.  Nice middle of the pack personality, loves attention, nice size! 
***Snickers continues to be a clone of our Esther...good all-around strong female pup...don't overlook this one as she is a nice pup!  I obviously love her but as we have our Esther who will just turn 2 this Sept, I am offering this pup to a home....otherwise you could probably not break her from my cold dead grip!

 Going home with Phil & Linda to Iowa

Kit Kat
​10.9 lbs at 7 wks
Pink Collar,  Brown Female
She is a gorgeous brown with that real square build...again much like her sire, Ty.   She is our cutie pie and another calm pup....I am not lying when I say she is super correct in conformation, sweet-natured and will make a very loyal, loving companion.  She is impossible not to love!  

Going home with The Davis Family!

​12.4 lbs at 7 wks
Orange Collar,  Black & White Parti Female
Big, bold & beautiful....what can we say...she is flashy, great conformation and well...just so Twizzler!!!   She is hard to resist...she is fairly calm, very loving, fun loving too...she is a nice big girl and is going to make someone very happy!!!    Whoever gets her...be ready to be stopped in the streets where ever you go....she will not disappoint! 

Going home with Stan & Nancy

  1. Some Pretty Poodle Eyes!!!!  Twizzler
  2. Lollipop, standing at attention
  3. 7 month old Fergus just loves these pups!  Good playtime for all1
  4. Dad plays with his pups every evening!
  5. Yes...Drover actually lets them play tug with his tail...until they get too wild!
  6. Playtime with Esther & Drover