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Puppy Availability
Millie & Ty pups are here!
Born April 19, 2019

Price: $2000 for pet Price,
full reg is more, must be agreed on before purchasing a puppy...not after! I prefer pet homes.

As of now all puppies are spoken for.  We May have 1 female available...but I will wait until we pick puppies at 7 weeks old to see, as I have 2 return customers who want to see who is available at that point...they each prefer a different color, so we will see how it plays out.

I will post pictures at 1 wk, 3wks, 5wks, 7wks and of pups going home with their families at 8-9 wks old.

Please Note....we do not pick puppies until 7wks old.  I go into every litter committed to letting the pups grow/develop before we choose puppy to family.  
I hope those with deposits on pups will enjoy the process.

Ty & Millie litter 
 April 19, 2019

The Candy Litter​​​​​​

Pictures below at 5 week old

Our Millie & Ty litter are 5 wks old!  This litter is on their game, they are go-getters...pups use the doggie door like little pro's and that sure makes clean-up on the inside of the puppy area easier.  They all come to a whistle as I whistle every time I put a meal down and they are super respondent already to my cues.  They can maneuver the different areas and doors/gates by following me with ease or again...coming when I whistle if they get distracted.   They are all good eaters, everyone did great with first bath/groom.  They are a great crew of pups and I am enjoying them so much.  I will write just a little bit about each pup by their pictures, little things I may notice now, but I will not say too much until they are 7 wks old as they are growing/developing so much each week.  Pups grow the fastest the first 16 wks of life and it is simply amazing how much they change each week.  Enjoy the pictures...time is flying!   Please, please, please everyone fall in love with more than one puppy so when we start picking/matching pups to homes at 7-8 wks old, I can work with you.  These pups all have beautiful heads, great top lines/tail sets & good bone...not a shy one in the bunch either!   

Grey Collar,  Brown Male
As of now, he is the largest male, he is very people orientated and loves attention!   He will be a strong & handsome, dark brown Poodle!

Oh Henry
 Red collar,  Brown Male
Lovable tropper of a pup...man he is built just like Ty and I believe will be a clone of his sire!   Even though he is not the biggest one now...he has that strong build and great head.

Blue collar,  Black Male
Handsome, sure to get big & strong...nice middle of the pack pup at this time, very lovable!

Purple Collar,   Black Female
What an inky black beauty, she talks to me, she has some attitude, she is already smart!   First to do everything pups is right here!   I of course adore her! Much more on this puppy will be wrote at 7 wks.

Cotton Candy 
Black & White Collar,   Cream Female
Beautiful, charming, full of herself yet sweet....this pup may be my breeders pick but I will not be keeping her here with us.  I  have some friends who will be getting her as they start their breeding program.   It is a way to keep my lines going as a small breeder.  I have options of pups back and of keeping track of my lines in doing it this way...they are dog & horse savvy people and she will live in their home as a family member.   I am letting them pick from what I consider 2 or 3 of my picks from this litter and this is the one they are looking at.   I must be smart as a breeder at this point in my breeding career...this just works.  I am not looking for any other deals like this...only pet homes.

Peach  & White Collar,   Cream Female
​What a pretty girl and as sweet as she looks, truly a very gentle natured pup.

Baby Ruth 
Green  & White Collar,   Big...Cream Female
Biggest pup in the litter at birth and as now...even bigger than the boys!  Ruthie has tons of charm and is somewhat laid back as of now too.  

Yellow Collar,   Black Female
Well....this pup is a clone of our very own Essie from Millie's 2017 litter.   She could not be any more like her.  Nice middle of the pack personality, loves attention, nice size!  I will be updating Essie's page in the next week with new pictures.  We love our Essie!

Kit Kat
Pink Collar,   Brown Female
She is a gorgeous brown with that real square build...again much like her sire, Ty.   She is our cutie pie and sweet-n-sassy all in a day! 

Orange Collar,   Black & White Parti Female
Big, bold & beautiful....what can we say...she is flashy.  This pup is sweet & fun too.  More on her at 7 wks.  

  1. My daughter-in-law and O'henry
  2. Baby Ruth, Twizzler
  3. Saying Hello
  4. They love the doggie door!
  5. Baby Ruth & Twizzler
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