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Puppy Availability
***  Cleo & Ty pups are here!  Born June 27, 2019 ***

We have 10 Big, bold brown pups....this litter is spoken for until we pick puppies to families...there may be 1 available and will not know until then.  I stay flexible with that last pup until we pick pups to families with my customers with deposits.

Price: $2000 for pet Price,
full reg is more, must be agreed on before purchasing a puppy...not after! I prefer pet homes.

​Please Note....we do not pick puppies until 7 wks old and they begin to leave for homes at 8-9 weeks old.  I go into every litter committed to letting the pups grow/develop before we choose puppy to family.  
I hope those with deposits on pups will enjoy the process.

Ty & Cleo 
​Litter born June 27,  2019
​Our Brown litter is here!

Our Coffee Time Litter....10 pups, 5 males/5 Females

All pups are spoken for at this time...slight chance of a puppy being available after we pick at 7 wks old.   I am down as first pick female and that is pending my keeping one, I will confirm this at 7 wks old when we start the picking process.   I love my Cleo/Ty pups....last yrs litter just turned one yr old and my feedback on them is great.  Cleo gives us some real athletes and attention getters in the looks department with people pleasing personalities!  I have been showing them on my Facebook page but am planning on adding a past litters page to my website.  And of course, we have our Summer with us from last yrs litter...my husband says she is the prettiest dog I have ever bred...yep... he does favor her!!  New pictures will be up at 1, 3, 5, 7 and when they leave with their new families at 8-9 wks.  I may do some extra videos on the off weeks and post those on facebook.  Customers with deposits please feel free to contact me at any time as we move along the next 8 weeks. 

***Updates below at 3 weeks old.  These guys are doing great...growing...getting super mobile and are looking to be a stellar litter of pups.  It will be getting fun and super busy now as the weeks go by.  We are moving to a bigger area this week and they are ready...have outgrown the whelping box for sure and there is a big world (yard!) out there to start exploring.  This is our messy week as we get on some puppy mush and then hopefully next week go to just slightly softened food.  Cleo is still feeding them but not as much and that is a natural process.  We have some really nice big pups and one or two more average size pups.  Much more to be added in the coming weeks on growth & personalities.

The girls, 3 weeks old!

Mr Coffee​​
Brown Male,  tan collar

Brown Male,  Blue Collar

Sable Male,  Grey Collar
These are Grandkids of my Drover....and we got a sable!

Brown Male,  Green Collar

Brown Male,  Yellow Collar

Brown Female,  Peach & White Collar

Brown Female,  Purple & White Collar

Brown Female,  Green & White Collar

Brown Female,  Pink & White Collar

Brown Female,  Pink Collar

My 10 Beautiful Coffee Pups!
​3 weeks old

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