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Puppy Availability
***  litter born March 25, 2020 ***
Litter Announcement below!

*** We may have one male pup Available,  watch here and contact me with interest!  I will show these pups grow up with many pictures/updates on this page.

Breeding for a very special type of Royal Standard Poodle
This is my passion, A hobby.....yet so much more. 

Price: Start at $2000 (limited AKC papers) Prices are firm
Please REad my "Puppy Information page" for price details which were updated as of Jan 2020.

​Please Note....we do not pick puppies until 7 wks old and they begin to leave for homes at 8-9 weeks old.  I go into every litter committed to letting the pups grow/develop before we choose puppy to family.  
I hope those with deposits on pups will enjoy the process.


Fergus  &  Millie 
Litter born March 25, 2020
Ready for homes the end of May

*** UPDATES as of  4-2-2020 ***

Millie gave us 10 beautiful pups in all the colors I was expecting!
This is our 101 Dalmations Litter
Yes, my litter themes revolve around my young grandkids these days! 

These pups are thriving!  Growing so good and my first impression of them is overall GREAT pups with really nice heads!  Our little female who is smaller than the rest is doing amazing and I guarantee she will be a gem.  Millie is being mom of the year once again...I do not lie when  I say good nerves in puppies/dogs start in the whelping box with the momma dog!

Enjoy the pictures below...remember we do not pick puppy to family until 7 wks old!  I never sway from that. 
As these are tuff times for our country and the world...it is hard to say if we will or won't get cancelations.  I remain optimistic and hope everyone sticks with me.  But please watch here for changes in availability.  As of now, all are still spoken for with one puppy pending until 7 wks when we pick. 
I will try to add extra pictures by doing new pictures every week versus my usual every two weeks (on this page of my website.)   I will also try to post occasional videos on my Solo Standards Facebook page...I will do those randomly.  I hope the extra pictures/updates will bring some cheer & joy!
Keep the faith  everyone,

Pictures below taken at 1 week old

Red collar
Black Male
Big, healthy pup,. white streak down his chest and some white toes.

Green Collar 
 Brown Boy
​Nice Big pup!  Look at that head!

Dark Blue Collar   
Black & Wht Parti Male
Big, Fun Markings, Striking!

Brown Collar   
Black & Wht Parti Male
Big guy, Lot's of Color...So Flashy!

​Light Blue Collar 
Black Male
Big Handsome Guy!

Silver Collar 
Black Male
Great head, handsome pup!

Pink Collar   
Brown & Wht Parti Female
​My Little Girl...she has zest, watch her grow, I love her already!

Purple Collar 
Black Female
What a pretty girl!

Orange Collar 
Brown Female
​She is as big as the Boys!  Plus she is pretty!

Yellow Collar 
Black Female
Beautiful Big Girl!

The 6 Boys​

The 4 Girls​

A few extra notes:
Once again I must add how much better the view of my website is on a iPad or computer...try as I may... phones do not show the pictures in the same format.  Also, people seem to miss a lot of what I write on their phones....hmmm...do I say too much...no, I do not, it is information for you!  PLEASE read my website in full...before you place a deposit, it is hard for me to believe how many people do not take the time to do so...it is for the customer I post so much info and ask this!  So if you have not read it in full...please do so now and thank-you!  With that said here are a few tidbits about young pups: 
Noses are supposed to be moist...a dry nose is not good, nor is a runny nose.  When you see a moist nose in a picture...it's a good thing.
Pigment on noses comes in at different stages on the parti-colors...I do not have spotted noses on my dogs, I assure you!
Eyes on puppies are always blue and it can take up to 6-7 weeks to turn brown.  Some brown poodles have green eyes...Mine Do Not.  All my pups will have either dark brown to light brown eyes...but always brown eyes. 
A runt does not always stay a runt and the biggest pup in a young litter does not always turn out to be the biggest dog.  That would be too easy!  What is most helpful to any breeder is to know their lines and to have experience for best advice/opinions given.  I love what I do thus I pay attention, dot my i's, cross my t's and have kept years worth of records!
I welcome questions, it is how we learn.